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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Business Ideas

Anyone got any good business ideas?

My job hunting is frustrating. With so many choices, and so many "ideal" careers ahead of me, I feel overwhelmed about which way to go. I'm trying to get some experience in many different places, but wonder if my heart just isn't in all of them.

Current favourites are teaching, or writing, or cartography, or GIS, or journalism. By tomorrow, it may include going back to IT, pre-sales or marketing, PR, working as an administrator, and, who knows, being a traffic warden.

I can't see the trees for the wood. I need to get into the forest, stop at one good looking tree and check out its branches and leaves, and see if they're for me. Instead I am loving the whole forest. The longer the forest catches my attention, the harder it's getting to get in and explore it.

[please accept my apologies for that rather horrendous reversed cliche]

I had a conversation with my dad, we tried to come up with a couple of business ideas - if i can't find a decent job, make my own. Great idea. Unfortunately, the only idea I have really come up with so far is likely to generate about 50p a year. I can't tell you what it is though, I may get desperate enough to go for it. So, please feel free to mail me a great money making idea. Please.

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