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Friday, December 17, 2004

Look at my new ear decoration

Not staring at people who look wierd is very difficult: however incorrect it may be, someone with some wierd growth always instigates a double take from me. These days it's happening more frequently, but the odd disfigurement normally turns out to be a bluetooth earpiece.

What do these people think they are doing? I don't deny that the earpieces are useful; they are comfortable to use and making calls on the mobile is a pleasure, and leaves your hands free. All very good.

But, well, they look daft, like a Star Trek Comms Link Portal System (hmmm, maybe that's intentional). And yet so many people wander round town with them in their ear for their whole shopping excursion. Of which time, how long are they making a call? I would guess that most people are only on a call for what, 5% of the time they are out and about.

And yet, men (it's always men) insist on wearing these Pat Butcher earring equivalents as some sort of badge.

"Look at me, I understand technology."

"Look at me, I have money to spend on technology."

"Look at me, I have friends everywhere."

"Look at me, I am a busy person."

"Look at me. Oh, and I fancy Seven of Nine."

Who cares? You're out and about, and you're not constantly on the phone. Enjoy what's going on around you, and stop wearing that ridiculous piece of tat when you're not on the phone.

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