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Friday, December 10, 2004


My Skoda failed its MOT on five counts.

It's a little Felicia. In itself, that's a good comedy name (say it out loud, put an 'O' sound at the end). Kind of like their Fabia, too. Unfortunately, their other cars have untwistable names like the Octavia and the Superb. Such a shame, wouldn't it be great to have a fleet of motors that all had innocent sounding names?

I take solace in the fact that getting my car to passing status has cost a whole 49p.

The fix? Replace one bulb. The rest was stuff that I could do for free: fix seats, remove two-year old Glastonbury parking sticket from windscreen, adjust headlights.

Miles C had the bill for his car's MOT too yesterday. £1600. Ouch, that's more than my car's worth. He wasn't too impressed with my bill.

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