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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


One despairing change in our society is the nannying state. It tries to help us out and make our lives safer, but often its attempts are hollow and laughable.

I just saw the advert for the new movie Creep. It's an 18 certificate. Once upon a time, an 18 was enough. But now, certificates must also describe the content in a few words.

The TV advert is a black screen which flashes:

18. Contains. Strong. Bloody. Violence.

It's genius. We all realise that the words become an advert, whether it's "Contains graphic sexual nudity" or "violence" or "language" - it only makes the film more appealing.

And the guys at Pathe have taken it to the ultimate conclusion.

Thank you BBFC. Or the government, whoever came up with the rules.

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