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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Running bad. Cycling good.

In a fit of New Year enthusiasm and good intention, I went for a run on New Year's Eve. I'm fit, and capable of cycling many many miles either at a sprint or a steady pace; over three years I have built up a great base of strength. All of this has been on the bike. Since snapping my ACL two years ago, I haven't run at all.

In 42 days I go under the knife to have my ACL repaired, and figured that as much exercise as possible is what's needed right now. So off I went for the run. Along the river, up to Iffley Village and back to Aston St - magic, it felt utterly brilliant to be running. Only 30 minutes of it, but it was a wonderful release.

Two days later I am a cripple. I cannot walk downstairs without resorting to a wobbling sideways gait that makes me look an inexpertly controlled wooden puppet. Bending down to get something of the floor or out of a cupboard is a no-no, my quads feel less like muscle and more like slabs of tough leather.

This morning I went for a bike ride - totally fine, 50km in a couple of hours, no problems. Methinks my body has become a little too focussed...

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