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Friday, January 07, 2005

running better

I wonder if I am feeling a change in direction.

I ran again tonight. The pain of last week's run is forgotten.

It felt amazing once more. Within five minutes of deciding to go for a run, you're out there, floating along the pavement, head in the clouds, and feeling great. There's an immediacy about it that I can't recreate on my bike while living in Oxford.

Decide to run. Put on simple clothes. Go. Feel great.

Cycling? Even a simple road ride:

Decide to ride. Put on clothes. Get bike out of shed. Fill water bottle. Find snack to take with you. Check tyres. Check tools. Ride out of town along all the dull roads. And,finally, thirty minutes later, if you're lucky: feel great.

Mountain biking is even more of a palava.

Maybe the tide will turn and running is the future. For now, I doubt it. This is just a Winter thing.

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