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Friday, February 25, 2005

I don't care about the Pope

I understand he's a very important bloke.

I understand people will be concerned about him.

But, F.C.S, he's old and decrepit. We don't need to know every last detail about his health. An 84 yr. old with Alzheimer's and a serious throat problem is going to be in and out of hospital.

Last time he was ill, there was rejoicing that he could make his Sunday address. Big-whooppeee. Let the old codger die in peace and quiet in a remote place.

(actually, what happens with papal succession - does he have to die before someone can take over? if so, what if he became a complete vegetable for 6 years. What would they do then? In fact, does the same apply to the Dalai Llama, were he to go the same way?)


blimey, i've just found out the process of papal succession. That's crazy.

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