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Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Knee Remains Closed

The title sounds like some experimental play but it refers to what was going to be an upcoming operation. Two years ago I snapped my ACL playing Ultimate Frisbee. It hurt like nothing else, and effectively ended my Ultimate career.

No worry, I got myself on the NHS waiting list and concentrated on cycling.

30 months later, the operation date is set and with much mental anguish I decide to go ahead with the op.

But with 12 days to go, I have decided against it.

The knee is to remain in its broken state. Why?

For two years, I've been able to compete at a high level in mountain biking. I can run. I get no knee pain. And there is a whole summer of events to look forward to.

Fixing the knee is a major op, with a long rehab period, and a slight risk of ending up no better off than I am now.

I've come to terms with never playing ultimate again, and the realisation that the last two years have seen me continue almost as normal.

So, why bother undergoing major surgery? I have been stressed about it, and after conversing with some trusted physios and nurses, I am not doing it. The instant I made the decision, a weight lifted off me.

Ironically, my knee now feels sore - the inevitable psychological side-effect.

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