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Friday, March 04, 2005


Went to see The Soundtrack of Our Lives tonight. Most excellent band indeed - imagine what would happen if Roger Daltrey, John Lennon and Robert Plant ever got together to make music, and then found a frontman who looked like an overweight Jesus. That's them.

More interesting was the support band, Psycho Babble. On stage they wander, the lead man the love child of Ian Ashcroft and, um, Roger Daltrey again. He passes the Rock criteria test - emaciated, oozing cockiness, wild eyes and shaggy hair.

The rest of the band, well, where did this Tom, Dick and Harry come from. Overweight, three blokes with six chins between them, and facial hair that was last seen on your school P.E. teacher in 1984.

The music passed me by as I moved eyes from cool rock bloke to aged pub rockers. How did they manage to ever find themselves together... I was with Pete W and he nailed it with the theory that they are a sitcom pub band. Bass player was the landlord, hard as nails. Drummer was the pub darts player, king of the ocke, and proud of his facial hair. Lead guitarist was the lost soul who always showed up on an evening, a little lost, always a little too drunk, and only in the band cos he had the van.

And the young lad, the one with the enthusiasm, geeing the band along.

Once we'd got that idea in our head, the plots, the exploits, the challenges and the triumphs of our little Channel 4 sitcom rock band became clear. Psycho Babble, 9pm, Fridays...

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