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Thursday, March 17, 2005

My commute

While working at Red Planet bikes in Swindon, I have to get there from Oxford somehow. Car? Too dull. Train? Too easy. Train and bike? Pretty good - cycle Oxford to Didcot and hop on the train to Swindon. Pretty nice way to work - 1hr bike ride followed by 20min on the train.

Or, cycle the whole way? Crazy. But I'm training for Mountain Mayhem, so the idea of commuting 55km may seem like insanity to most, but for me it has to become my norm if I am to succeed later this summer.

I did the ride a couple of days ago on my tank of a road bike - cheap. And heavy. Oh, so heavy. But I made it in 2:15, which was pretty satisfying. Tomorrow, I am trying again, but I have borrowed a £1800 road bike from the shop. Carbon frame, and it is gorgeously light. I am very excited about racing to work tomorrow, and seeing how much time I can shave off the commute.

Apologies to those not interested in bikes. As Mayhem approaches my life is to become very focussed. Expect lots of bike talk, then.

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