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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Three things

1. The IRA.
There's nothing I can possibly write that can encapsulate the wide-eyed shock I felt at the headline "IRA offers to shoot those responsible for McCartney killing."

Flabbergasted. I can't begin to write about how ridiculous this is. I'll leave that to the press tomorrow.

Every time I hear the headline on the news, I have a Pavlovian head-shaking response.

2. Modern dance.

Went to see MA by Akram Khan tonight at the Playhouse. Modern dance, eh. Is it just a bunch of people flailing around in a slightly rhythmical way, the only meaning of it all being the one we impose upon it ouselves in an attempt to deny to our middle-class faux-cultured selves that it's actually a load of arse and we've been hoodwinked by the elite.

Or is it utterly brilliant. Phenonemal movement and strength. Wonderful music - with only two instruments and an array of vocal tools. I particularly loved the haunting, jarring melancholy of the cello. Who cares if I can't really work out what it means, the shapes, shadows, humour and flow was worth it. Better than the ballet for sure.

3. Mountain Mayhem.

The entry form was sent today. Once more in June I will ride a bike for 24hr in Mountain Mayhem. Last year I was 19th out of a 100. And also at peak fitness after 9 months cycling in New Zealand. I could have ridden all day. This year reality has bitten, and I am saddled with the goal of bettering my position this year, without the every day of cycling luxury that I had last year.

Something tells me I could be disappointed...

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