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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

When Helly Hansen isn't good enough

Out on the bike tonight for a two hour slop through the Chilterns with Matt.

The route was tough, the tracks were slip slidey surf-tastic. It was finger-freezing cold, not helped by a 20 minute puncture nightmare that required three tubes to fix. By the time we got back on the bikes, everything was numb.

Due to a cock up with the laundry, though, I didn't have my winter riding leggings available, so thought I would make do with normal cycle shorts with helly hansen thermals underneath.

A big mistake - the water carried up under the short. When I got home and stripped, it looked like I'd been having a bad case of diarrhea for the evening.

So kids, don't go wearing those thermals if you're heading out to the muddy hills, y'all hear, now?

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