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Friday, April 08, 2005


April. Bikes. Enduro races in Wales.

It seems like a good idea to enter and plan for a weekend of riding in Wales, a 50km enduro on Saturday night, and then a 70km ride on Sunday. Tough stuff, but all good training, and a chance to enjoy the early springtime in the hills.

Except, inevitably, our fickle weather slaps us in our faces, and, as I write, it's snowing in Oxford, and a cold northerly wind is blowing bitterly through the trees.

Suddenly the plan looks stupid rather than bold and exciting. Let's go through the plan again: go to the middle of Wales tomorrow, pitch a tent at 5pm. Then ride, in the dark, across the hill tops, finishing the ride at about 10pm. Get in tent, probably without a shower, and then get up again to do the same thing the following Sunday. All the while in probably snow, wind, rain and sleet.

And I paid for this privilege.

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