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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Election flim-flammery

inevitable election post #1

A Tory makes a silly mistake with a poor use of Photoshop. He apologises for his naive mistake.

Fair enough, I say, and I don't believe it's a sackable offence.

But in a time when politicians are all labelled as sleazy untrustworthy windbags, the correct response to the story by the other parties would be to let it lie. But no, the opposing bloodhounds pounce upon this mere morsel of meat instead of going for the big news. And in doing so they make all the parties look stupid.

Ed Matts made a cock-up, but the shrieking from Labour and Liberal for resignations is as bad, and an insult to an intelligent electorate.

The story should not even be a story. Leave it to the nation's bloggers and satirists to have a laugh for a day. Here too

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