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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Rage Rage

I have Rage Rage.

It comes on mostly when I listen to Five Live's morning phone-in. This morning they are talking about Retail Rage. The craze that is sweeping our nation and turning us into assistant-bashing thugs. Apparently.

What makes me want to throw the radio out of the window (no mean feat when you are driving a car) is the ease with which journalists tag any sign of someone's anger as a rage. Road Rage was the first, and that alliterative title worked. But since then we've had many many rages, some which get mainstream (air rage) but plenty more that Five Live seem to make up. Maybe the tabloids go along with it too, but I don't read them.

A couple of months ago was the ridiculous Work Rage. It was something related to the fact that we work long hours. The Rage bit didn't even seem to fit into the label, but it was obviously good enough for the Editors, it would guarantee the listeners would phone in with their always intelligent, insightful and interesting views.

I've also come across train rage, and no doubt we will have Election Rage before May 5th.

It's back to Radio 4, and Woman's Hours, I'm afraid.

PS. On a different note, I earlier gave myself Card Rage:

You know how somethings mishaps so crazy you can't really believe they actually happen, or are urban myths that people are happy to ascribe to themselves. The current favourite is claiming you hid behind the sofa when you used to watch Doctor Who. Really? I don't believe you actually hid BEHIND the sofa. How many people have or had a sofa that you could actually get behind as a kid.

Anyway, I digress.

Another myth is dropping things down a drain in the street. Well, I was wandering down the road, pulled out my wallet, out popped my switch card.

Bounce, skitter, slide, over the drain, and slowly it tipped over and into the hole, down to the stagnant water, and sank out of view.


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