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Friday, May 06, 2005

Election flim-flammery

Oh joy, the people who work for Peter Snow are amazing.

I've just watched the three party leaders "walk" to number 10 - they only get to go as far as the votes are counting.

But there is a team of people somewhere who had to implement the following to make this work:
1. A virtual Downing Street
2. The three leaders, and their walking algorithm (it didn't work too well, their feet moved while on the "floor")
3. Graphics of "plaques" representing other acheivements by parties
4. A virtual policeman: someone in the UK is watching and knowing that the face on the virtual cop is them. I want that piece of fame.

A meeting was convened, the duties divvied up, and they got to work. Eventually the team put their bits together and out it went on telly. And I work desiging databases. Doh! I got that wrong.

The whole graphic lasted about 1 minute, but provided Miles and I with much entertainment. The world didn't change, mind.

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