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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

non-news on the news

It's time for another election-related post.

The BBC is making big news of the interview with the widow of the soldier who was killed in Iraq. It's top of the front page of their website, and it lead the One O'Clock News earlier today.

The woman is rightly angry, and "blames Tony Blair" for her husband's death.

That's fine, but it shouldn't be a lead article in the news during an election.

Should one watch the news item and from that infer that she is right, and, yes, Tony Blair is responsible for his death? Maybe some people do.

But her opinion isn't worth much at this time. She is full of grief, angry, and will probably always blame Blair. But we shouldn't face the suggestion from the BBC that she is right.

Imagine if someone's partner fell down some stairs and killed themselves. They'd probably demand safer stairs throughout the world, but you wouldn't believe they were right, would you? YOu'd just think "Poor thing, I understand why she/he has strong opinions, but they're not exactly balanced right now."

The same applies to the widow, but the BBC is twisting things a bit.

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