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Monday, May 23, 2005

A pleasant change

How nice to wake up to find that the Today programme is off because of a strike the BBC. Instead of paper review and thought for the day, I've just had a nice half hour listening to Just a Minute.

It makes a very nice change to waking up to John Humphries mauling some hapless politician over the minutiae of some misquoted fact. But it does make me realise I can't handle any other radio in the morning.

Radio 1 is like an impetuous teenager, opinionated without wisdom, bashing a tinpot around my head. Radio 2 is like my old grandad - very funny, but only in short doses. Radio 3. Well, I just don't go there. Five Live is too blokey for me and I am not interested in Joe Public's opinions sent in via TXT message.

Long may the strike continue, then. But I ain't gonna switch.

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