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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

political activists

I love my friends, and respect them.

I am also passionate about the election. I love the campaigning, not for its sincerity but for it's lack of sincerity. To think that the politicians think we are convinced by their bluff and fakery. Anyway, I watch the coverage with an air of disgust, but keep myself well-informed of the real issues, as I believe any intelligent individual should do: we're choosing the people who will run our country, right? It's the least one can do to keep abreast of it.

How surprising then, that almost all of my friends seem disinterested our ill-informed about politics. The best line came yesterday when someone I thought would be clued up was talking about Iraq and resolutions, and said "yeah, but when the - what is it? - European Union make the resolutions..."

"er, no, you mean the United Nations."

"Oh yeah, I never pay much attention to that."

So, is ignorance bliss? Is there more happiness not knowing about it all? Maybe they've got it right. It's probably not healthy to avidly devour The World At One, PM, Today, The World Tonight, the Radio 5 call-ins, Channel 4 News, the 10 o'clock news, Breakfast News. Next time round, I may follow the example of my friends. And bury my head in the sand.

I do want to push Michael Howard off a cliff though.

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