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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Gigs gone by

I found a bunch of old tickets the other day when clearing out some stuff. Here's a small selection of them:

Each of these has some pretty magic memories for me. Here's a pop quiz for you.

At which of the above gigs did:
- we leave after the support band (Flaming Lips) because they were so much better than the main band?
- we lose a bag of special green tobacco on the floor of the venue, only to find it two hours later?
- did i overdo it a little and up in a medical tent?
- did I go to because having attempted to see them the night before, I'd got into the venue as they played their last song. All because some muppet reckoned we'd have lots of spare time to get there..?
- get covered in beer during a beer fight in the venue?

Prizes for all correct answers...

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