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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A great idea, but done badly

I'm excited about Mountain Mayhem this weekend, but a part of me hankers after going to Glastonbury instead. There won't be a festival next year, lots of my friends are going, and I'll miss the unique experience that is glasto. Also, I do feel that being around the John Peel stage for a while would be a fitting tribute to the legend.

But why post about this? I stumbled across this page, Camp Kerala, after reading something on the BBC. Cool, that's a good idea - luxury camping. It's not the "real" Glastonbury, but it would be fun. And then I saw the price. Are you kidding?

Suddenly it seems like a dumb idea. Okay, you get private showers, private bar, and private meals, but, um, surely the point of the festival is to mix with everyone else?

That price would take you to most luxury hotels anywhere in the world.

(jeez, I just pasted in the link to the Peel page, and it still brings a lump to my throat)

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