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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm ready

I went out for a ride on my singlespeed last night. (for those who don't know, it's a one-geared mountain bike. To many, a daft idea. To converts, it's the best way to ride).

It's been neglected since January, for no real reason apart from a general lack of enthusiasm I've had for biking. I've been enjoying riding when I'm out there, but it's been hard work getting off my arse and setting off.

I've had to force myself a little, because of the Mountain Mayhem ride in a couple of weeks, but it's felt like a chore a little too often this spring.

Thankfully, recently I've noticed my head changing. The South Downs Ride last weekend was a turning point, and last night's ride with 10 others from Mountain High in Pangbourne was a blast. I've forgotten how much fun the bike is to ride, and I felt complete enthusiasm for biking.

When I came home from New Zealand last year, I was mentally addicted to biking, and ready to ride every day. That feeling hasn't been with me until last night. My legs feel strong, and my head feels strong - the two ingredients required for a Good Day Out at Mountain Mayhem. Yippeee!

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