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Friday, July 08, 2005


A massive contrast in only 24hrs

It was a stunning comedown. My only relief is that the number of fatalities is thankfully small. The final number, likely to be less than 100, at least falls in my internally manageable level of atrocity comprehension.

I am becoming disappointed, dismayed and angered by reports of vengeance on Muslims. Last night I had a passionate, and enjoyable, debate with friends about whether there would be a backlash against Muslims. I strongly argued that no, we are a more united country.

I figured even the most ignorant racists would be able to discern the difference between fundamentalists and others.

From reports on The World at One, it would appear not.

To go from the unity of the Olympic bid victory to this is a shock. Our Olympics is going to be wonderful, I just hope this atrocity does not become some kind of albatross around its neck.

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