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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


We did it! That's absolutely brilliant.

Henman in Wimbledon, England in World/Euro football, Mansell in Formula 1, we're a nation brilliant at nearly-rans, and I totally expected the Olympic bid to be the same: one monster anti-climax following a colossal spend of money.

C'mon Britain - it's time to do ourselves proud and enjoy the build-up and what will be a fantastic summer in 2012.

Pity those Parisians - they must be utterly gutted.

All that build up and pomp to the envelope opening was ridiculous - this isn't news, it shouldn't be built up like this, but, wow, when he said "...the city of... London!" it was like nothing else. You know, I even had a tear in my eye.

It's going to be so much more than just the sport that happens - the implications for London, the South East, and the rest of the country are amazing. There are so many things involved in the bid that go beyond the sport, it will be a cracker.

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