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Friday, July 15, 2005

Reality. It still works

I still love Big Brother. This is the first year I'm not completely addicted, but it still packs a thrill.

Tonight's twist is particularly cruel. The housemates choose who goes, not the public. They are making their choice of one of two housemates in front of each other. Vanessa is bawling her eyes out as I watch it live.

It's a horrid, cruel, vindictive, psychological manipulation in a facinating human experiment.

Voyeuristic? Unpleasant? Sick?

All of the above, but it's as exciting as anything else.

Davina McCall is the perfect presenter for this. She so clearly loves her job and empathises perfectly with the evicted contestants. She gave Maxwell a hard time last week when he was evicted - quality stuff.

One thing that gets my goat though is how whoever gets evicted always says "I knew it would be me." Well, of course, as you ponder, think and wonder, you're going to convince yourself you're the one who goes.

But why does nobody ever say, when they aren't the one who is evicted, "Oh, I got it wrong, it wasn't me after all"?

Well, tonight's eviction of Vanessa has been a wonderful car crash telly moment, and no other reality show has ever replicated its particular "charms."

[walks away fully expecting you all think I'm a saddo for loving nasty telly so openly...]

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