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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Well, can you tell which is best?

This is something that's got my goat for a while.

Is super better than premium? If one fuel is "ultra low" in sulphur, does that make it better or worse than "high octane"?

One's a deep green, the other's a faded green - well, is greener better?

I'm a cheap skate, I don't want super OR premium, I just want normal. But no, I have to work out every time which is the correct fuel.

And amazingly, in my opinion, the PREMIUM was the cheaper.

This is a disease that spreads further into our lives - Bronze, Silver, Gold: that was a simple hierarchy, but I remember when credit card companies started upping the ante. Platinum, Titanium, Adamantium, Tungsten, Aluminium. Well, which is the most rare? And if you don't know the global chart of rare metals, how are you supposed to be in awe of the flash git with the Uridium card?

PS - somebody spam commented on this post, so i've disabled comments on this entry. The spam was clearly some auto-spammer, cos it was a "hot tip" about buying shares in a petrol companies, or something like that.

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