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Friday, September 16, 2005

Germans and English beer

The Port Mahon in Oxford has been taken over, refurbished, and generally is looking pretty fine. The new landlord is keen to look after the beer, and the guest ales in the last few months have all gone down extremely well.

Following Wednesday's disc golf - last evening round of the summer - we went to be greeted by the latest recruits, two young German barstaff.

Clearly they're new to the world of English beer. Each time we ordered a pint, it was presented to us with an enormous head. By the time all the drinks had been poured and paid for, the heads had disintegrated into a spidery foam.

The beers were happily topped up, but what made me smile was that each time we ordered a pint, we went through the same process. Beer in Europe is wonderful, and lovely foamy heads are marvellous, but not on my pint of Ruddles, please.

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