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Sunday, October 09, 2005

If my house burns down...

One of my golfing buddies, Bud, is a unique individual. A whole blog could be devoted to him. 48 years old, stubborn as an oak tree, and a man with a two track mind: disc golf and land rovers.

Obsessively lo-tech, he hoardes information and statistics. All on paper, and using his own coding, with multiple coloured pens, pencils, highlighters, icons, and shapes.

He has statistics going back years and years, and could even pull out the information about how many Ultimate practises I attended in Bristol when we both lived there in the mid 90s.

I've always figured that given a computer, some knowledge of Excel or Access, and a printer, he could overwhelm us all with deluge after deluge of information. Want to know what your moving average on hole 13 of South Park's golf course is over the last six months? Check. Which disc did you best perform with at the Quarry Park tournament? Check.

Actually, these things he could tell you without resorting to computers.

During the tournament last week, I commented on what would happen to his life if his house burnt down.

"If my house burns down, just give me a pencil."

Somehow that fits Bud just right, he'd survive quite happily.

And since I've just spent THREE hours fixing my Bluetooth/PC/Phone connection, I can't help thinking that pen and paper could be just the right thing for the future.

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