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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Keep it Peel

The Peel night celebrations have been on for 50 minutes so far and I have already heard more wonderful music on Radio 1 than I have since, well, John died.

It's not that the new crop of DJs, Rob de Bank, Huw Stevens, Annie Mac, etc. are bad.

They aren't., Their show are all excellent and inspiring.

But nobody, absolutely nobody could play rock followed by happy hardcore folllowed by reggae followed by country followed by grindcore followed by Japanese drum-n-bass techno grunge followed by some blues from 1927.

And for that reason, my happiness is tinged with sadness, and respect for an irreplacable hero.

I've not gone to a John Peel night gig tonight, which is a shame, but I have booked tickets to see Melt Banana in Bristol in November. One of the ultimate Peel bands, and well worth spending three times the ticket value just on getting there to go see them.

What other 65 year old would stand in a tent in Glastonbury championing the underdogs so understatedly?

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