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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Missing: Andy's Cultural Memoirs

Do you ever wish you had a record of every band you've ever seen live?

And every book you read. Film you saw. Play you watched. Gallery you visited.

Just about every time I go to a gig I think to myself that I must begin recording exactly who I have seen live. I've seen so many bands, and all will hold some memory, however good or bad they were. Memories that are not life changing, not significant, but important, maybe just for that one night in that venue.

In the dusty corners of my memory, I wonder how many memories of great bands there are, lying, forgotten beneath the bright lights of the more obviously memorable gigs? The most life-changing (Ween in Glasgow, Pink Floyd in Manchester, Flaming Lips in Oxford come to mind) still shine bright, but what about the no-hoper bands playing in that wonderful toilet-hole venue, The Point (RIP)?

They must have been great, too. Shame I didn't keep a record of seeing them.

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