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Saturday, November 05, 2005

About those memoirs...

Last night's band, Polysics, "from Tooookyyyyoo, Jap - AAAAAAAAAhhhnn", were a perfect example of why I should be recording every band I see.

They were a shot of adrenalin to the heart, the best band to see on a Friday night after a tough week of work. Happily bonkers, their pop antics were enough to raise the heart beat of even the most hardened gig goer.

Enough to make me buy a t-shirt and a CD, and even get an Oxford crowd chanting the band's name for an encore. In most cities this may be a normal thing, but Oxford crowds are quiet, and unemotional.

Clearly they were amazing, then. But they're the kind of band I might forget about in a few years. This post, then, serves testimony to a great bit of randomness on a Friday in the Zodiac.

Things to remember:
straight-faced robotic keyboard player (who did a recorder solo)
curvy and cuddly bass player
frantic, high-pitched lead singer - beer swilling and crowd-surfing guitar solo.


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