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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

And while we're doing pie in the sky ideas...

My last post was The Solution To Speeding Fines.

This will be the Solution To Terrorism.

Blair and everyone else love to strike fear into us, and justify increasing police powers with statements such as:
"Well, I saw some intelligence this morning, and, boy, it scared the pants off me. You lot had better be afraid, because it's chilling. Here, let's give the police 90 days to lock someone up. If you saw what I've seen, you'd do it too."
Fair enough, I am sure there are people planning all sorts of dastardly plots. And I am also sure the police foil most of them, and thank god they do. I am very grateful for that.

But my pie in the sky idea is:
Why not just make every bit of intelligence freely available? As soon as they know something, why not let us all know the plan, and then, surely, the people planning the atrocity will know they've been rumbled.

Plan foiled. Voila, Andy for President.

PS - unfortunately, I expect my plans to solve terrorism and speeding may have more holes than my mum's collander. A patch here, a patch there. I'm sure the plans will work just fine...

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