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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Who needs CGI?

Yawn, Peter Jackson's unneeded new film, King Kong, is released soon. Why has this been remade?

I've never felt it was a particularly interesting story, and however much computer processing power you throw at it, it's still going to be a dumb story about a gorilla with a heart.

Watching the first in David Attenbrough's new series, Life in the Undergrowth, has only convinced me that we don't need CGI. The world we live in is crazy enough as it is.

Thirteen inch long caterpillars that eat bats? Yes, eat bats. That is simply not right.

Slugs with penises behind their ears that they intertwine in an umbrella shape around their mates' similar-shaped penis?

Worms that live for twenty years?

Sorry, Peter, you can keep your CGI monkey to yourself, real life is way more interesting.

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