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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Special shops

Cowley Road is a cosmopolitan hodge podge of grocery stores, global cuisine, bars and independenet retailers. Recently it has been extensively refurbished.

I love wandering down Cowley Road, and often take the slightly longer walk or cycle home along here because it's a lot more interesting than Iffley Road.

A highlight is the shop window of Honest Stationery.

What? A stationer's? An interesting place to look? No, I have not turned into a sad old nerd (no more than I always was, at least). It's because the owners seem to put an inordinate amount of effort into their window displays.

One week it may be a mosiac of paper, the next a chaotic explosion of the tiny plastic toys they sell.

I don't think they aim to attract custom directly through it, but to me, the regularly changing displays are part of the free gallery of life.

(click for bigger)

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