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Thursday, January 26, 2006

What a whirlwind

Celebrity Big Brother has been fantastic. Really, truly fantastic. I don't have a moment's time for people who think it is lowbrow and therefore should not be watched.

George Galloway, though. What a disaster. I have had a lot of respect for him in the past, and I have tried to maintain that respect throughout watching him in CBB. The cat thing was just about the greatest and most cringeworthy episode I have ever seen, and he will never live that down.

BUT, he was only doing things we would do ourselves. Why can't an MP do something a bit silly? In his own words, it's acceptable to humiliate yourself on Children In Need for charity, but not acceptable to do the same on Big Brother?

But then he blew it all by revealing just how vindictive and savage he can be with an unforgivable row with Michael Barrymore.

Do I still have any respect for him? I don't like him. I do think he thinks he's doing the right thing. And even though he's a bad man, I do still think he's somehow improving the world.

Sheesh, do I really mean that? Yes, I think I do. One thing more, though, I don't know enough about his history with Saddam and co. Maybe knowing more about that will change my mind, but until then, he does get the benefit of my doubt.

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