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Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Stunning views of Heathrow airport"

Today I went to do a Fast Track case study at Arora Hotel in Heathrow - the Arora hotel business is huge, and is possibly the largest single hotel group in the UK.

That's info for Fast Track, though. What's this about?

Researching the company's website before the case study, I chuckled at the claim that the rooms have "stunning views over Heathrow airport." Right, views of planes is a good thing, is it?

Turns out that, yes, it is. We did the interview in the owner's sixth floor office, with me facing the runway. Wow! Big planes, non-stop all day. Fuel trucks, coaches, those wierd airport-specific vehicles that you never see anywhere else, Terminal 5 being built in the distance.

Yes, it's a shocking sign of our overarching desire to burn fuel in order to see the world, but it certainly was stunning.

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