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Monday, June 05, 2006


Just a humdrum kitchen window, right? Yes.

But hang on, can you see the crack that's going up the middle of the main pane?

If you can't break into a house by smashing a door pane, and opening the handle (see this photo), then why not take the whole bloomin' window out of the frame.

Yes, that's what some scrotes did to our house this weekend, while we were gaily galavanting at a wedding. Window out, you'd think they'd then proceed to ransack the house.

No, they took our telly (no doubt for up coming World Cup viewing pleasure). They left the DVD and Tivo underneath it.

They left the cash on the mantlepiece. They left two laptops. They didn't take the cameras. Or the stereos, or the CDs.

Hopeless robbers. But we're relieved.

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