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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Life on the disc golf blog. And on telly.

I haven't stopped blogging, y'know, but it's all been over at http://oxdisc.blogspot.com.

It's all about disc golf. The audience for which is miniscule. Sorry to alienate most of you, but what with full-time work, and promoting golf, it's what most of my time is involved in...

Talking of promoting disc golf, it's going to be on telly.

Transworld Sport are filming this weekend's British Open disc golf championship, to be broadcast on Sky Sports and Channel 4 the following week.

Trans world sport:
Sun, Jul 30, Channel 4, 7am
Wed, Jul 26, 11pm, Sky Sports 2
Thu, Jul 27, 1.30am, Sky Sports 2
Thu, Jul 27, 6am, Sky Sports 1

If you live in range of BBC South West, it will be on Friday's evening programme (21st July).

And if you live in Dorset, keep your eyes peeled on the Dorset Echo.

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